Extra Wild Elopement Pack

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Why buy from us?

over 243k followers on instagram makes us the biggest Elopement community ever. We have been working for years in the industry and we know exactly what tones works best for your elopement photography.

Whats included?


10 Presets (PHOTO FILTERS)

  • Desktop Presets for Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Desktop Presets for Adobe Photoshop


  1. Arizona
  2. Colorado
  3. Faroe Islands
  4. Iceland
  5. Ireland
  6. Santorini
  7. Siena
  8. Texas
  9. Tulum


How to install?

Once payment is received you'll receive an automatic confirmation email with links to your presets, along with the step by step guides. It's important that you download these files onto your laptop. Once you've opened them on your laptop you'll be able to view the guides which will give you the simple information needed to set up your presets on Lightroom. Don't worry, its very quick and easy.


If you have any questions about installing, tweaking etc you can contact us via DM on our IG @elopementlovepresets, or email elopementlove@gmail.com and we'll get back.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Desktop presets will work only on the desktop version of Lightroom. Mobile presets will work only on the free Lightroom mobile app. The mobile and desktop presets are similar, but are slightly different as they are created differently. If you want complete control when editing photos then desktop presets are great, however if you prefer to edit quickly on your phone the mobile presets are likely better for you.